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Talk: User Credential Handling in Web Applications done right

Last friday I held a talk on secure password handling in web applications at „The Next Web“ Barcamp. A good time to try Slideshare! User Credential handling in Web Applications done right from tladesignz

HTML5 Webcam Panorama Viewer

Finally my customer ncm released their HTML5 webcam panorama viewer for Hotel Goldener Berg, which, I’m proud to say, is mostly my work! Check it out with your desktop browser, your smartphone and your tablet. It even degrades gracefully to Internet Explorer 8, though no zooming is possible there.

Reverse Proxy with Mojolicious

During the last month I was working on a project for a customer, who wanted a reverse proxy, so he could modify his web pages before delivery. This posed a very interesting problem which I chose to solve with good old Perl. Why Perl? Because it’s the absolute right thing to use, when you want […]

Java in 15 Tagen

Letzten Monat wurde ich engagiert um die Registrierung für eine neue Webapplikation zu bauen. Die bereits existierenden Teile waren in Java mit dem Spring 3.0 MVC Framework gebaut, dabei sollte ich natürlich bleiben. Das letzte Mal, als ich Java gemacht habe ist schon eine ganze Weile her, damals an der Uni, dementsprechend war die erste […]

HTTP Caching Einmaleins

Letzte Woche mußte ich in einem Kundensystem das Caching optimieren. Damit dieses Wissen nicht wieder verloren geht, habe ich dabei gleich mal die wichtigsten Grundlagen hier zusammengetragen. Die wichtigsten Tools Firebug, Netzwerk Tab -> zeigt Ladezeiten und Cache Hits Firbug Add-Ons machen Performance Analyse und geben viele gute Hinweise: Yahoo’s YSlow (Erläuterungen) Google’s Page Speed […]

Hidden form fields are evil

Yesterday I went over some code in a project I’m currently working on with a colleague of mine. It’s an administrative tool, where we allow the user to save his own icon for an item to have better visual hints in the items list. This icon is stored directly in the database, which greatly reduces […]

Auszeichnung gewonnen (ein bisschen…)

Nicht zuletzt durch meine Arbeit 🙂 hat bwin eine Auszeichnung als Best Operator of Mobile Gaming & Betting (unter anderen) auf der Monaco iGaming Exchanges gewonnen! Es wäre zwar schöner, ich könnte mit meiner Arbeit die Welt retten, doch solange mich dafür niemand bezahlt, freue ich mich erst mal nur darüber, daß ich das, was […]

SproutCore HelloWorld from master

SproutCore 1.4 was released a few days ago, but as it seems, the project doesn’t scale very well with the increase in attention it’s getting lately. The repositories were moved from to, but the source is not adapted to it, yet. Therefore, if you check out git:// don’t do ~/workspace/abbot$ rake init It […]

Facepalm Moments: Android XHR failing

After searching the whole day to fix a problem with a web app on Android devices, I had a real facepalm moment. Just in case, you ever stumble across the problem, that your XHR returns successfully, but empty – check the event, which triggers it! In my case, it was a <a href=“#“> tag, styled […]

Pit Stop / Boxenstopp

12 days ago, my first Palm webOS application went live in Palm’s App Catalog – and I didn’t recognize it… (Thanks, Palm!) It has 1497 downloads already and an average rating of 3.8. (of 5!) It’s called „Pit Stop“, or „Boxenstopp“ in german, and is a very simple app, where you can record the fuel […]