SproutCore HelloWorld from master

SproutCore 1.4 was released a few days ago, but as it seems, the project doesn’t scale very well with the increase in attention it’s getting lately.

The repositories were moved from github.com/sproutit to github.com/sproutcore, but the source is not adapted to it, yet.

Therefore, if you check out git://github.com/sproutcore/abbot.git don’t do

~/workspace/abbot$ rake init

It will overwrite Abbot with the SproutCore Framework from git://github.com/sproutit/sproutcore.git which won’t get you anywhere.

After hours of clicking through the documentation, I figured out the following strategy (which works on MacOS, at least):

~/workspace$ sudo gem update --system # update RubyGems
~/workspace$ sudo gem install bundler

~/workspace$ git clone git://github.com/sproutcore/abbot.git
~/workspace$ cd abbot
~/workspace/abbot$ git submodule init
~/workspace/abbot$ git submodule update
~/workspace/abbot$ cd ..

~/workspace$ mkdir sc-hello-world
~/workspace/$ cd sc-hello-world

~/workspace/sc-hello-world$ echo 'source "http://rubygems.org"
gem "sproutcore", :path => "~/workspace/abbot"' > Gemfile
#@see http://github.com/sproutit/sproutcore-abbot/wiki/Using-Abbot-1.4-From-Source

~/workspace/sc-hello-world$ bundle install --binstubs
~/workspace/sc-hello-world$ bin/sc-init hello_world
~/workspace/sc-hello-world$ cd hello_world
~/workspace/sc-hello-world/hello_world$ ../bin/sc-server

-> http://localhost:4020/hello_world