Pit Stop / Boxenstopp

12 days ago, my first Palm webOS application went live in Palm’s App Catalog – and I didn’t recognize it… (Thanks, Palm!)

It has 1497 downloads already and an average rating of 3.8. (of 5!)

It’s called „Pit Stop“, or „Boxenstopp“ in german, and is a very simple app, where you can record the fuel consumption of your vehicles.

I have a car and a bike – therefore the need to support more than one vehicle! 🙂

Since many years, I check the average fuel consumption of my cars, when I’m at the gas station.
It’s always good to know how much you’re blowing through the exhaust: Firstly, to optimize your driving style, and secondly it’s a great indicator of the engine’s health.

I always used the built in calculators of my mobile phones for this. When I had my Palm Pre, one and one came together… I had to write a special app for that!

Now it’s here for everybodies use! Check it out here, it runs on Pres and Pixis alike!

I also set up a dedicated page for it on my server.

I built the log in the app to be very compact, so you don’t have to scroll long distances and can oversee many entries at once.
But I can see the time coming, where it just gets to hard to have it all on the device and only there, so I plan to build a web service, where you can upload your consumption data and export it from there into spreadsheet files and have some data visualization with it.

pitstop.tladesignz.com shall become the place for this, obviously.

Let’s see, how this develops…

At least, I hope it’s a useful tool for some people out there!

And, before I forget it… Thanks for the comments in the App Catalog so far! I hear you english speaking guys and your need for Miles per Gallon instead of litres per 100 kilometers.

I will definitely do something about this!

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