RIPE63 – on the way back home

All presentations of the conference are listed here. This is mine.

The conference is very interesting, it almost seems like a family gathering, (well, a very big family – over 350 participants), accordingly the atmosphere is very friendly, also to newcomers. I was way overdressed with my suit, almost everybody was in shirts and jeans. While I mention that – the givaway goodies are great, I got a longsleeve shirt, a magnetic IPv6 address sticker and a pocket ruler! 🙂 (There was even more, but I didn’t want to look too greedy…)

I definitely can recommend participating at a RIPE conference! If you can, stay the whole 5 days and definitely join the evening events. RIPE goes a long way to make it an enjoyable event for everybody!

Unfortunately my talk was the last one today, so I couldn’t speek with too many people afterwards, nevertheless, the conversations I had, were very intersting.

At the talk itself, and the discussion afterwards, I had a hard time transporting our issues on IPv6 privacy just right, unfortunately a not-so-small part of the tech community has the attitude that you can’t solve political issues with technical measures. My reply to that is: protocols, software, configuration is politics. Unfortunately this clear cut way of saying it didn’t come to my mind at the right moment.

Additionally I recognized once again, that the privacy discussion in german speaking countries is way ahead of many others, in some people’s view I was yet another german again concerned with privacy. 🙁

Some people afterwards told me, that a moderator was missing, and I definitely can confirm that.

On balance, it can’t say it was a success, but it wasn’t unsuccessful neather. I could drop our concerns there and I got a chance for a replay: One attendee wants to help me push the topic further in the community.

I hopefully get a chance then to clarify and crispen our concerns and arguments!

BTW: I learned that the BSI promotes the same goals as the AK Vorrat does!